It will pay for itself!

Working from home is great. On a conference call with a senior executive at a major company. Furious knocking at the door. I hit mute: "yes Finn"? He holds up a credit card entry screen at a website he has pulled up on an iPad, requesting that I complete his purchase. He has found a 1965 Aliss Chalmers front loader at an online dealership, for only $7,900, and was attempting to complete the purchase...as a birthday gift...for my father. "Finn, how are we supposed to pay for this?" [in his best 50 year old man voice] "uhhhh, well, when papa and I get this it will pay for itself in a month!"



Tess has inherited the Halton fishing gene it seems. Today she caught three bluegills and one bass (pictured with her proudly holding it up). Speaking of Haltons and fishing: Happy Birthday Uncle Chuck!


Christmas Pageant

In the pageant this year Finn played Solomon while Tess, much to her delight, was a horse.


Mommy is out for the evening. She went to the cinema to see a movie with a friend. She really, really deserved a night out. Daddy can take care of bedtime. Daddy is a pro. Totally.
After bath-time there was a dance party with Little Richard, Wilson Pickett, Pogues, Men Without Hats (we have diverse taste) and Soft Cell . Everyone has a complete blast. Daddy is a pro. Totally.
To calm everyone down before bedtime we start a few projects. Finn begins creating an innovative Lego leaf blower and Tess begins cutting out construction paper shapes for a princess mural. Everything is going perfect. Daddy is a total, total pro and he makes it all look so effortless. Mommy would be envious of his casual command of the situation.
"I cut my hair!"


Important Meeting

On what may well turn out to be the final day in 2014 that is warm enough to eat outdoors, Daddy decided to have a lunch meeting with one of his two biggest accounts.

Rock & Roll

Went to the costume store yesterday with kids to get some Halloween supplies. Finn found a top hat and requested it so that he could dress up like his favorite band when he practices guitar.


Update from Daddy: Sun

We went to the park the other day and Finn had his picture taken in front of a cool new mural. 

Later, while we were out on the playground, Finn took his hat off and handed it to me before he climbed a slide despite the intense sun. I adjusted it and put it on myself. Five minutes later he came running back and asked for his hat again. As I took it off he said, quite sweetly and sincerely, "sorry about your bald head."